Hi How can I make my arm hair come back after laser hair removal It's been 22 months since last treatment (photo)

Hi, I am 25 years old. I made a mistake in may 2012, and got a laser hair removal treatment with an Alexandrite laser on my forearms. (before that i had 4 treatments, each like 16 weeks apart, with a YAG laser but had No results. The treatment with the Alexandrite was intense, but I still kept on going. After the treatment I had large bubbles on my forearm (folliclitis) now most of the hair has come back but I still have some bald patches and streaks. How can I get the hair back? Thank you

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Laser Hair Removal

The goal of laser hair removal is to permanently remove the hair.  The patches from two years ago will probably not grow back.  i suggest you see a dermatologist with a great deal of experience in laser hair removal for a second opinion.  

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Hair after laser hair removal treatments

Any hairs that were permanent affected by any laser hair removal device are not capable, ever, of regrowing hair. When laser hair removal works, the bulb that produces the hair is permanently damaged and is incapable of growing hair out of it. You cannot get these treated hairs back no matter what you do.

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