Why have my areola and nipples been excruciatingly painful since having breast augmentation over 12 years ago?

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Painful nipples after breast augmentation

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Dear Acostagirl123. Your problem is highly unusual and it brings up a lot of questions to try to figure out your problem. I have not encounter this problem in the 20 plus years I've been in practice and I do 200 plus augmentations a year in average. The majority of patients that complain of nipple pain are patients that develop numbness of the nipples after surgery and as they regain sensation the nipples become hypersensitive. This is generally temporary and is characterized by being very sensitive to light touch. Just brushing against them will produce a very unpleasant electrical shock kind of pain. It usually happens on one side only or one side more severe than the other it rarely is symmetric. Most patients will loose this pain eventually and it helps to massage and stimulate the skin in order to retrain the nerve endings. The second kind of pain I see with frequency is a sharp sooting pain of brief duration that comes from the side of the chest into the breast and can involve the nipples. This one is due to stretching of the nerves by the implant themselves and is more common in larger size implants. This pain also goes away with time. The third kind of pain I've observed is due to capsular contracture. In these cases the implants become hard and tight due to contracture of the capsule surrounding them and the pain is due to pressure. Capsular contracture is evident because it produces deformity and unnatural shape to the breast but the pain does not start right away, it takes time to develop. What you describe sounds more like a chronic type of pain that developed right after your surgery affecting both of your breasts, it's severe and it hasn't gone away in 12 years. It seems neurogenic in nature and it needs to be treated as chronic pain by a pain specialist. Sometimes medications such as Neurontin and it's cousin Lyrica are very effective in the management of chronic neurogenic pain. The other option of course is to remove the implants which is the primary cause of this pain. I hope this helps… Dr Brou.

Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

Excruciating pains since augment 12 years ago???

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I'm sorry to hear of your dilemma but why have you not discussed this with your surgeon 12 years ago? In the absence of any changes to your breasts (assuming they are soft and looking great), you may be best served by seeing a pain specialist in order to get your symptoms under control.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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