Can my Areola and Nipple Be Saved After Turning Completely Black with a Hard Scab?

I had this above procedure almost 3 weeks ago. I haven't been able to rest much and have been under a lot of stress. About a week after the procedure my left areola and nipple turned completely black with a hard scab. There is some pink color around the outside of the black area. I am washing twice a day with antibiotic wash and applying silver sulfadiazine cream. My dr. says not to worry that it will be ok.

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Nipple Areolar problem after breast surgery

Hello cherrow42-

Many of the procedures that plastic surgeons do compromise the blood supply to tissues. This is a necessary risk when tissues are undermined in order to re-drape and tighten them. When the balance of vectors affecting blood supply result in insufficient inflow (arterial) and/or outflow (venous), then tissues may not survive and turn black. There may be some deeper layers under the black eschar that may be viable from which everything can heal. Be very patient, as time and your body will declare what is ok. 

If further surgery is needed to help heal the area, there are many options available to you and your surgeon.

Good luck to you. 

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Breast Surgery

Will have to wait and see how it heals, there are lots of reconstruction options for nipples and areola as well

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