My Name is Aneeta Singh and I'm 26 Years Old and Unmarried I Want to Go for Face Lift is It Suitable for Me? (photo)

i have not extra fat on my face but under my chin i feel skin is hanging and it is too early according my age and i have hollowness under my eyes so i want to improve this.I want to know that which treatment will be suitable for me and low cost please short out my query.

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What about a "Facelift" in one's 20s?

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While there is no perfect age to undergo a facelift, it would really be unusual that a face has "fallen" to an extent that it needs to be "lifted" in a person in their 20s or 30s.  There are many better ways of achieving a more attractive and harmonious facial appearance in young people. If there is a disproportion with the lower face, then fillers and implants might help. If there is excess fullness or fatty tissue beneath the chin, then liposuction might help. Many non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures can be of benefit  in the younger patient with real issues. Often, "less is more"!

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Facelift in 26 Year Old Lady

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You do not need a facelift. Liposuction would remove the fullness under your chin. I would expect the skin to contract after surgery in most 26 year old ladies. A profile view would be helpful - many patients with your problem also have a weak chin associated with the neck fullness which can be improved with a chin implant. The hallowness adjacent to your eyelids can be treated with injections of fillers like Restylane or your own fat.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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My Name is Aneeta Singh and I'm 26 Years Old and Unmarried I Want to Go for Face Lift is It Suitable for Me?

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 St 26, it's highly unlikely that you have jowls or enough excess facial skin to warrant a facelift however, from the photos provided you might be a candidate for neck micro-liposuction and Chin Augmentation with a Chin Implant.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Facelift not recommended, but healthy lifestyle changes and a personal consultation to see if you're a liposculpture candidate

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After looking at your photo, I have seen that there is some volume underneath your chin. I’m not sure if this is caused by certain positions that you do or if there is actually a volume of fat under there.

The goal of a facelift is to lift the sagging skin in the face as well as excess skin in the neck and cheeks that cause loss of quality of definition of the jawline. In my practice, the typical age of a facelift patient is somewhere around 50-years-old. My youngest patient for a facelift procedure was 37. So at your age, it is unlikely that you will need a facelift.

My first recommendation for any patient who is young like you and has little bit of extra weight on their face is to evaluate whether or not they have extra weight on their body. If you are a little bit overweight, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle will allow for the reduction of a double chin appearance. If you are at a very good body weight and you have a small amount of fat in this area, you might be a candidate for a very limited liposculpture. This requires a physical examination and I can’t assess you with just these photos.

I suggest that you evaluate yourself with a medical doctor, a nutritionist or a fitness expert about your general body weight to understand whether or not this is an extra volume of fat. If it is legitimately skin, it is very unusual. Usually people at your age are at the bloom of youth and this is one of the times of your life where you’ll look best. So don’t jump into some kind of procedure without first exploring all the natural options. I’m not going to recommend a facelift for you but I would recommend that you look at other health related issues that have to do with physical weight and things that you can do non-surgically to help your face look a little bit more proportional.   I hope that was helpful, and thank you for your question.

Amiya Prasad, MD
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Facelift in 20s

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I have to see you in person to comment.  No need for facelift at that age.  You may need some nonsurgical procedures first

Ramtin Kassir, MD
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Facelift in 20's

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If you are overweight and plan on loosing 30 pounds or more, surgery should be delayed until after the weight loss. At that time liposuction under the chin, with a chin implant or Radiesse injecton to augment the chin as necessary, will correct your concerns in this area. And Restylane injections around the eyes will address the hollowness. You will not need a facelift, and it's also important not to make your surgeon responsible for your future marriage status.

Edmund Fisher, MD
Bakersfield Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A facelift is not indicated a 26 your old individual.

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The photo demonstrates some fullness of the chin. This could probably be easily treated with liposuction under local anesthesia. An in person exam would be necessary to substantiate this. There's no indication for facelift.

Submental Liposuction

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   After assessing the skin laxity on exam, submental liposuction may be appropriate.  With regard to the tear troughs, filler or fat grafting may be appropriate.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of liposuction and fat grafting procedures each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Facial improvement

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Dear Aneeta,

   Thanks for submiting your picture, though it is only partial. For your neck , your best option other than losing weight( read the book 'sugar busters') is liposuction. As far as your hollowness under the eyes , you can have it filled up with a filler like Restylane but it is short lived - 6 months. The longer lasting and more attractive result is partial MACS face lift , which fills up the hollowness with your own tissue and improves also on the naso-labial folds , as you can see on my spotlight pictures on the right side of this page. Consult with a board cerified platic surgeon who is experienced with the MACS face lift technique.

       Best of luck,

                      Dr Widder

Best treatment for neck skin tightening and hollow lower eyelids

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Facelift surgery is not advised for patients in your age group. Being young, you have good skin tone, so skin-tightening surgery is not necessary. It appears that you are a good candidate for liposuction of the chin and neck area to reduce that fullness.  You should expect some skin retraction based on normal skin elasticity. I charge about $3500 for that procedure which includes surgeon fee, operating room fees, and anesthesia. Keep the intervention simple and straightforward and avoid doing an aggressive procedure with scars as the trade off. A facelift may be a good procedure for you as you embark into middle age. With respect to the hollowness under your eyes, you may be a good candidate for filler such as restylane or belotero. We charge $700 per syringe of filler and results can last 1 year or sometimes longer or shorter depending on how you metabolize the product.

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