Can I re-do my abdomem for the third time? (photos)

After a liposuction, I had fribrose which made my skyn look tike a dent paper. 3 months later, the doctor did the tummy tuck. First the cut had to be suttured 4 times near the pubis, which causes a very ugly scar. Second I still have a lot of saggy skin. I am very unhappy with the results and very afraid about having to re-do it for the third time. I am Brazilian and did it in one of the best known surgeons on Brazil. If it is possible I will do it in United States.

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Vale a pena fazer de novo??

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Boa pergunta. Na verdade parece que voce tem um exceso de pele .... ou mais bem flacidez de pele abdominal. 
Na foto não da para avaliar bem a quantidade de gordura no panículo adiposo, mas parece ter muita flacidez especialmente no abdome inferior . Com certeza precisaria duma nova cirurgia para corrigir esses defeitos. 
E necesario uma avaliação física do abdome em mãos experientes para definir que tipo de procedimento seria o mais adecuado. Em pacientes com flacidez de pele abdominal supra umbilical insuficiente fica mas difícil fazer uma abdominoplastia clássica. Mesmo assim, seja uma abdominoplastia clássica ou uma mini-abdominoplastia; acho que o seu caso, com uma cuidadosa avaliação física previa por um cirurgião plástico tem solução cirúrgica.
A seu dispor,
Dr. Miguel Mota Cabral

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Redo TT

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I checked your photos and it seems your doctor did only a mini Tummy Tuck and that is the reason why the upper abdomen remain the same.
I do not see a scar around the navel, so that let me know it was not moved and the upper abdomen either.
I truly believe there is a great chance to achieve a very beautiful result being a nit more aggressive and re do a regular complete Tummy Tuck, where the skin since ribs until the pubic area will be lifted and pulled down in order to get rid of the whole saggy skin on your abdomen.
 I would also recommend to do a muscle repair in order to enhance and taper your waist.
I am absolutely sure about you having an awesome result after a full TT and you will be using a tiny bikini at Copacabana with confidence.
Feel encouraged.
Have a great journey.
Dr. Cardenas

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