My 450cc Expander if Full but Only Sz A Cup. Other Breast is a B and Needs Reduction to A to Match?

I had a mastectomy and a 450 cc expander was put in. How much can that be filled? At 450 I am a size A cup but my good breast is a size B and now has to have a reduction (and a lift) in order to make it match. Is there another solution? My ps does not want to overfill the expander but will attempt to put a slightly larger implant in. But I still may need a reduction if they don't match. ???

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Will my breasts match with an implant on one side and lift on the other?

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The guidance of your surgeon is important since he knows what device he is using.  If he doesn't want to over exand the device simply ask why.  It is not uncommon to exceed the normal fill volume of the expander because it is not meant to be a permanent device.  As this relates to your other breast it is common to have to lift, reduce or augment the other side to obtain more of an appropriate match.

Overfilling expanders

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Most expanders can be overfilled by about 30%.  However, I routinely am able to put at least 50-75cc larger implant in by making some cuts to the inside of the breast capsule to expand the area.  If you want to be a bit larger I'd suggest talking with your ps about overfilling a little.

Filling Tissue Expander for Breast Reconstruction

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Expanders most certainly can be  and are made to be overfilled.  Symmetry most certainly can be obtained with overfilling and the appropriately sized implant.


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Breast reconstruction and implants

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An expander can be overfilled to accommodate a new implant.  As for the volume of the two breasts, they can be approximated during the implant exchange and lift/reduction.

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