My 25 Yr Old on Top of the Muscle Silicone Implant Has Developed a Leak. How Difficult is It to Repair, Replace & Recoup?

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Replacing a ruptured silicone implant

When an implant ruptures it needs to be removed.  The procedure usually involves going through the old incision, removing all of the capsule around the implant and removing the old implant and all the gel that has leaked out.  Once this is done, sometimes a new pocket is made for the new implant.  This means if the old implant was on top of the muscle a new pocket is made under the muscle and vice-versa.  After making the new pocket the new implant is placed and everything is closed up.  Recovery for a procedure like this is usually not too bad, maybe 3-4 days of downtime with pain medication.  After that patients are feeling better and may be able to drive and return to a sedentary job.  Exercise is usually a month or so.  Good luck. 

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Leaking implant

A leaking implant can be removed relatively easily in most cases. If you also have a thick capsule, then this should probably be removed as well.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Not difficult at all

 for you, that is. This can be a very challenging procedure for the surgeon and should only be attempted by one who trained in plastic surgery residency. Essentially, unless a concomitant breast lift is to be performed, the surgeon must dissect an object which is roughly spherical through a small keyhole incision which only provides easy access to  A smallpart of that sphere-a pursuit that requires frequent repositioning of assistance/retractors lighting, etc. Performing mastopexy at the same time makes the dissection far easier, but if a new implant is to be placed with the mastopexy in may be wise to consider utilizing Strattice to prevent the weight of the implant and gravity from working at cross purposes with the lift. The product  provides support like “an internal bra,” tends to keep capsular contracture from reoccurring and provides a layer of protection to the implant in the event that a patient as a problem healing her wound such as one, e.g., who does not quit smoking or whose diabetes is poorly controlled.

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Replacment of worn silicone gel implants

When gel implants are as old as 25 years, intracapsular rupture is the rule, and for those who might have had closed capsulotomy, common with older subglandular implants, there might be extracapsular gel. Removal is harder, though is quite possible. Replacement with a new implant should work out just fine. Many find that they need to size up a bit because fully encapsulated implants are very round and project more than those used to replace them.

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