Can I Up my 20mg Isotretinoin to 30mg Without Consulting a Derm?

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Raise the Dose of Accutane?????

I am not clear on why you would want to do this? If its because you don't feel comfortable calling on the phone or you can't get in touch with the doctor in a timely fashion, maybe you should find another doctor? Accutane treatment, not the most user friendly process in the world, requires a firm partnership between the patient and the prescribing physician. If you have that, I think you will find that the hassle of being on this drug for 4-6 months out of your life with be WELL WORTH IT. No other drug can do what Accutane ( now called Claravis or Sotret) can do.

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Can I change my isotretinoin Rx without consulting a dermatologist

Prescriptions for isotretinoin can only be written for a month's supply, and the prescriptions need to be written by a doctor. If you can find somewhere to dispense Accutane to you without a prescription, I would assume it's not a valid form of Accutane and is therefore a black market prescription, so who knows what it is. Isotretinoin needs to be overseen by a physician - for many reasons!

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