I Have MVP with Regurtation. Can I Still Get Laser Fraxel on my Neck?

I have MVP with regurtation. Can I still have laser fraxel on my neck?

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Fraxel of the Neck

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Thanks for posting the question.  If your doctor is using the 1550 Fraxel laser, then there is no need to worry about your valve issues.  This wavelength is also safe to use on the neck.  Best wishes.

Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon

Laser skin resurfacing of the neck

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Laser skin resurfacing of the neck must be performed with great care.  Ablative resurfacing should not be performed on the lower neck due to the risk of scarring.  Coagulative (nonablative) resurfacing can be performed on the neck but several treatments will be needed to achieve best results.  Injection of botulinum toxin and noninvasive skin tightening often complement the laser resurfacing procedure.  Mitral valve prolapse does not affect the safety or outcomes of any of these procedures.

Brian Biesman, MD
Nashville Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Fraxel laser treatment and Mitral Valve Prolapse with Regurgitation

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Dear writer, I would recommend to discuss with your doctor which kind of Fraxel he recommends for you. With the non ablative Fraxel Restore treatment, there is no 'cutting' of tissue involved and no need for prophylaxis by taking an oral antibiotic (cleaning of the blood). In the case of Fraxel Repair,  which causes 'ablation' (cutting) of the skin at a microscopic level, taking antibiotics as prophylaxis may be important. Please discuss all these options in detail with your doctor before undergoing any ablative laser treatment. 

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