How Much for Rhinoplasty Plus Chin and Jaw Implants?

how much would a rhinoplasty be with a chin implant and a jaw angle implant?

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Cost of nose and chin surgery.

Surgeons need to see what is involved in the surgery before they can quote a price.  "does the car need a 60 min touch-up or a 2 day paint job?" See an experienced surgeon who does good work, otherwise you will probably end up redoing the surgery.

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Cost of Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation

Hi Anon,

The cost of surgical procedures vary depending on the surgeon, geographic location, operating room fees, and anesthesiologist fees.  Cost should be a secondary deciding factor as first you should consult with a few rhinoplasty surgeons and choose the surgeon whom you feel is best for you.  As it has been said here many times before, the cost of revision surgeries is much more expensive than getting the original surgery right the first time.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Obtaining cost quotes for cosmetc surgery

Many people come to see me with the idea that they need a specific procedure. However, after an examination and discussion they may learn a different procedure or a combination of procedures would best yield the desired result. They may then notice other details they wish corrected. Although I may charge the same fee for a given procedure in 2 different patients the time required to perform the procedures and thus the operating room fees may differ. Without a face to face examination no one should give you an exact price.

Procedures of this sort are not like buying a product. Instead of buying a product such as a car off the line which are all the same & can be returned if defective you are buying a service. Many people travel to other locales or countries for cheaper services but in many cases these physicians are
inadequately trained or are cutting corners in order to allow lower fees. The result is you the patient have no recourse should a problem arise & the safety factor is compromised. Safety should be the first priority followed by end result & then cost. Those who make price their first priority frequently end up with problems requiring additional surgery, additional costs & additional time off work. I hope you are not just making inquiries to find the doctor with the cheapest price - that can be dangerous.

I had the misfortune to perform a cosmetic procedure on another physician in his operating room some years ago. He was not a plastic surgeon though he portrayed himself as such to the
public. There was no back up power for the operating room & no spare tanks of oxygen.
When I asked how he could work under such conditions I was told he can only charge so
much for procedures & corners had to be cut for budgetary reasons. Cheapest is not the
best while safest is the best for obvious reasons. That operating room was unsafe.

What you should strive for is the best value for each dollar spent not the cheapest. Besides if you did not like or had misgivings about the doctor for whatever reason you would not let him/her do any procedure for even a dollar.

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