I Have Muscular Atrophy in my Lower Part Therefore I Have No Hips, Small/Flat Buttock?

i have polio and muscular atrophy in my lower part ( the legs) therefore i have no hips,very small, so flat buttock i don't what is good for me gluteal implants or fat transfer, i have some fats in my stomach and one arm and few in my back , i am 25 from Egypt and i cant find a doctor who could help me i am in desperate need for help as my wedding would be within 6 months i need to be full grown woman instead of having a body of 8 years old girl with no contouring ,no projection, no hips at all

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Muscle atrophy

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Ideally you want fat transfer to the buttocks and hips and may be leg, from the effect of polio.

You may not have enough fat to transfer. Then an implant to the buttocks, hips and the calf can be put.

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