Post-op Breast Implants - is This Muscle Tissue Swelling?

I had 525 submuscular breast implants a week ago, After 48 hours a swelling appeared over top half of my left breast. Its really hard and painful, pain now spreading to my armpit, The lump is not my implant, It feels as though my implant is trying to drop but what ever this lump is is stopping it and causing the pain, seen my surgeon and he said its not heamotoma as no bruising or redness, not fluid in that area as its so rare so its just muscle and tissue, should I be concerned?

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Lump of breast

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It is difficult to say what the lump you are talking about is. It could be a fluid collection or fatty tissue, or a hematoma or even the muscle. An exam would be helpful.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Sounds like a hematoma

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If you had a relatively symmetrical starting point and the same sized implants on both sides, what you are describing sounds for sure like a hematoma.  Bruising may be a later sign.  If your surgeon is in doubt, an ultrasound of both sides would be harmless and would tell if that is the case and if it is, surgical exploration and drainage is the best treatment because blood left around an implant leads to an increased risk of capsular contracture and much delayed healing.

Post-operative swelling after breast surgery

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What you describe sounds like a hematoma. Sometimes even the most experience surgeon does not want to recognize the fact that a hematoma is present. Or perhaps your surgeon believes the hematoma  in your case is small enough and it will go away on its own. The definitive way to see if a hematoma is present is to have an ultrasound of your breasts.

However if your symptoms are getting better and the swelling is decreasing and the pain is lessening perhaps close  observation   is the rational choice.  

On the other hand it is very likely that it is just just swelling and not a hematoma. It is not uncommon to have more swelling on one breast rather than the other.

Either way the best thing to do is to allow your doctor to provide you with frequent follow-ups for continuous evaluation.

Breast lump following breast augmentation

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I would concur with Dr. Whitt. However, your surgeon is best qualified to make this determination as they are able to examine you..

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Sonogram will detect hematoma after breast augmentation.

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From your description, you have a hematoma that needs to be surgically removed.  Not evacuating it will lead to bad result.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Swelling after Augmentation

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Although your surgeon do not feel that this swelling represented a hematoma, it certainly sounds like a hematoma from your description.  The unilateral pain and sweeling to the extent that you describe would certainly accompany a hematoma which may not initially show bruising.  I think you should be examined again by your surgeon right away.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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