Is This Muscle Swelling or is the Implant Actually Placed That High? (photo)

I am 40 days post op with a breast lift and augment. I think it was like 400 or 410 cc saline implants, under. No massage was prescribed for assisting the implant movement. I went in last week and asked about the swollen look above my breasts. She said the implants were down in the breast and this was just muscle swelling. I can't tell where the implants are honestly, breasts feel soft & mushy, what does it look like to you? If muscle swelling, will massage help this as PS stated it may?

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Muscle swelling

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I think this is too big an implant for the size pocket.You might try wearing a breast strap across the top of your breast overnite for several weeks to see if they will fall.

Implant position too high.

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It would be unusual to have muscle swelling cause that much projection in the upper poles. Likely the implants are still sitting a bit high. However, at 40 days/6 weeks, massage and a bandeau can still help to lower the implants into the lower pole. Follow your surgeon's instructions and keep close follow up.  

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Muscle swelling or implant malposition

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Doing a lift and aug at the same time is really, really tricky and revision rates are high even in the best of hands.  It's still a little bit early but I think you may be looking at either the implants being lowered or a smaller set of implants.  Keep in close contact with your surgeon.  He/she will want to get you to a result you are happy with.  I usually give gravity 3 months before passing judgment. 

See blog on the difficult of breast aug and lift.

Implants are high but likely will settle.

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Just over one month is early to judge where your implants final position will be.  It can take several months for the final position to be reached.  This occurs in a straight forward augmentation and in addition you had a lift, so there is a fresh scar under your areolar which will be firm as it heals and matures and will hold the implant up as well.  Over time everyone's tissues relax and I expect the lower pole of your breast to slowly strech and the implant to settle to a lower position.  Patience is called for here.

Implant placement or swelling

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It's too early to tell if the implants are too high.  You photos show significant fullness above the nipple, but this will likely change over the next few months.

Whether it will be enough change is hard to tell.  So often after surgery we ask for patience.  Time takes care of an awful lot of "problems" that are present early.

Good luck.

Michael S. Hopkins, MD (retired)
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

? Implants too high...

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Thank you for posing this question.  Very often I am asked how long it will take for my implants to settle.  I am a believer in putting the implants where they don't have to settle, so I am not the one to discuss this phenomenon.  You are only 40 days (and Nights) since the surgery so it is still early.  The lower pole may still stretch out and the implant look lower.  It does appear the implant is high but it may be the type of implant.  Do you have Biodimensional or shaped textured saline implants?  If this is the case then you are seeing the upper pole of the implant. 

Rather then waiting and waiting why not go back to your plastic surgeon and tell him your concerns.  He may decise to use a strap to try to "push" the implants down.  Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

High implants after augmentation with lift

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The idea of muscle swelling is a bit of imagination. Your implants are large and the pocket is high. Soft is good and perhaps the implants will settle some over the next two months.

Best of luck,

Your implant are high

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You are too early post surgery to see the final result. Your breast tissue is falling off the implant and this may get better or worse with time. You should wait at least 3 months before evaluating the results.

Implant position

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The implants look high, but this may be due to the camera angle.  Also, initially after surgery the implants may look high, but settle over the next month or so as the swelling resolves.  However, if you have concerns, you should address these with your plastic surgeon as there are special garments/bands that you can use the help position the implants after surgery.


Good Luck.

Muscle swelling or malpositioned implants?

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Thank you for the photos. They seem to be taken at an upward angle making the deformity more pronounced than it might be. In spite of this, I believe that the implants are a little high (looking at the side view photo). It is too early to make a final decision. Wait about 6 months for the muscle to relax and the implants to settle. Work close with your plastic surgeon. Massage might or might not help. There's no true scientific evidence that it does, but I do recommend it to my patients. It certainly will not do any damage. Be patient.

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