Is Belly Button Moved During Muscle Repair Revision?

I had Mini Tummy Tuck with muscle repair 4 months ago. My belly button was detached from stalk and moved down with skin (I didn't have enough skin to remove and also keep my scar low). Now, belly button is very low (I'm okay with it, but no lower). I now need upper muscle repair revision and wanted to know, is there a way to ensure that my belly button will NOT be moved any lower, seeing as my original scar will need removal? Or, is there a way to raise my belly button and still keep scar low?

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You need a consultation for selective rectus plication of upper diastasis following abdominoplasty

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You are talking about as very unusual and unique condition that would clearly require consultation with a surgeon and perhaps more than one.

There are many ways to repair the muscle without an extensive scar. One approach is through an upper umbilical approach using an fiberoptic retractor and another approach is laparascopically using and endofascial plication technique.

Your particular situation would require a consultation to discuss the options available to you.

Proper positioning of the umbilicus during secondary abdominoplasty

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You stated that your original scar would need removal. Is there a problem with the scar that requires its removal, e.g. is it unattractive, irregular, painful, etc.? If the scar is not very wide, it should be possible to remove this scar without substantially moving the umbilicus. If there is not a problem with the scar then it is probably better left alone and one of the techniques mentioned above by Dr. Placik would be likely be safer and preferred. These are issues that should be discussed with your surgeon or any other experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

Good luck and I hope you achieve your goals.

Revison mini tumm ytuck

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If you had the umbilicus floated or moved down, the upper muscles can be repaired but not by performing a full abdominoplasty.

A bellybutton may or may not be moved during a muscle repair revision

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Before you proceed with your mini tummy tuck revision, discuss at length with your plastic surgeon what your preferences are for the Terrence and position of your bellybutton. If your bellybutton has been released in your previous tummy tuck, it may already be lower than where it began. During this revision, you will have options as to the new location of the bellybutton and its shape.

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