Muscle Pulling and Pain After Breast Augmentation

I am 9wks out. My left breast is soft and dropped and my right is getting there (was the smaller side). I notice that when I do compression exercises and push them together that the muscle under the right kinda pulls back towards underarm more and every now and then I get a sharp pain in underarm or from breast to underarm...Could the muscle just still be tight or is this something I need to be concerned with? I am out of town (8hrs.) from my surgeon. The right also fluffed all the way yet

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Muscle pulling and tight pain after breast implantation

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You may want to send your surgeon a picture and ask for their advice. Howver, it is most likely due to inadequate soft tissue relaxation. performing exercise could help but your muscle may also be incompletley released. It is still early to consider any reivsion.

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