Under Muscle Implant More Likely to Cause Back Pain?

Tiny frame, 800cc unders ruined my back. Likely thoracic nerve compression after removal of implants for 1 year pain still. Was mentioned to imagine an elastic band (muscle) around chest and back and that big implants under chest muscle would be pulling the back of the "elastic band" so tight causing strain compress nerve. Would I have no problem if went over muscle originally?

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Back strain and larger implants

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800 cc implants are very large and the weight in and of itself may have caused back problems for you. It is unlikely that putting them over the muscle would have made it better.

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Breast Implants Too Big?

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Thank you for the question.

Based on the description of your frame and the size of the implant used,  I do not think you would have had any different outcome if the implant had been placed in the sub glandular position. The sub glandular breast implant position has a whole list of potential problems especially on a patient with a “tiny frame”.

Best wishes.

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