Was I given the wrong IOL lens?

In May I had IOL lens replacement surgery, later I had successful YAG laser to clear up a cloudy film that had formed. I test out at about 20/70. My doctor is sending me for a field of vision test soon. He says he may be able to correct my vision with lasik. Is it possible that the wrong IOL was used? The prescription has been way off since day one after surgery. How would you "fix" this problem?

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Wrong power IOL

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yes he miscalculated your lens powerTherefore he has to do a lasik now.  Therefore he shouldn't charge you for that.  Or he could refer you to a more experienced surgeon for an IOL exchange.  Make sure he's done over 1,000 LASIKs as calculating the amount to treat isn't that easy with an IOL and you certainly don't want a third procedure

New York Ophthalmologist

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