Why is my skin outlier than ever after using Glycolic peel?

I recently read that Glycolic peels work wonders for acne prone-oily skin. This is me. I have the occasional large red pimple but mostly the small red bumps on my cheeks. I have used tazorac three years ago. The Glycolic peel (30%) seems to be helping the red pumps bit my skin is SO oily now, so much that my eye makeup smudges off by 12pm. I use the peel once a day bc it doesn't penetrate my skin like others due to the tazorac. I follow up with blossom jeju serum to moisturize.

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Why is my skin outlier than ever after using Glycolic peel?

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Thanks for your query. Glycolic peels generally lighten the skin. It makes the skin dry on the contrary , you should try changing your serum and just apply a sun block in the morning and a light moisturizer in the night along with tazorac If it is suiting you. Glycolic 30% is a light peel but it should not be used once a day. It has a certain protocol to be followed with certain time interval between the two. You should visit a dermatologist. Hope it helps.

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