Go back to doctor? Go to urgent care? (photos)

Tried Restylane 2 days ago from a reputable doctor, injection was for the crease in the middle of my forehead which is red, sore and swollen (expected). The unexpected when I woke up this morning is that the filler has moved down the sides of my nose swelling my eyelids and affecting my view. Is this part of the normal process or should I seek medical help. Its hard to know since I've never had this done before.

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Swelling After Restylane To Glabella

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It is rare and unusual for the filler to migrate. This is most likely swelling that should resolve. I would recommend returning to your injector rather than going to an urgent care. Urgent care physicians don't know how to deal with filler complications and end up unnecessarily scaring patients. See your reputable physician. Best wishes.

Restylane/Movement?/Swelling?--Forehead Wrinkles and Crows Feet -- Botox, Lasers, Fillers, Needling

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It is unlikely that the Restylane has moved unless you were actively pushing on your face. This is most likely swelling after your injection, which is typical. I suggest contacting your injector. If you're unhappy with filler results, microneedling/prp and lasers can have good results in this area. Best, Dr. Emer

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Complications following glabella filler injection

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Dear 7cole777:

Thanks for sharing your photo but they do not provide the clinical examination required to determine a injection complication. Please:

  1. Return to your injector immediately.
  2. If your injector is unavailable seek the examination and care of a emergency room.

I wish you the best!

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Restylane moving?

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unless you were aggressively pushing on your forehead after the Restylane, it is highly unlikely that the product moved. What is more likely is that you slept flat (minimal head elevation) and what you are seeing is swelling. The swelling from Restylane (because the product is very hydrophilic "attracts water") is significant and I have seen delayed extension of swelling (particularly in this area before). The area around your eyes is extremely sensitive. A little bit of swelling will certainly affect your vision. Ice to the area and keep your head elevated. 

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