What options do I have to get rid of this scar? (Photos)

Due to an incident from sclerosing a seroma, I am slowly healing from a large open wound (and a smaller wound as a result of stitches spitting from fluid buildup). I am interested in knowing what my options are once everything heals to get rid of the resulting scar that will be left. I'd like for the skin to be pulled down in a revision so that I no longer have the scar or the vertical incision line left but I am afraid I don't have enough skin for that. What can make it go away?

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Lasers and surgery for your abdominal scar

I would use Plato's Scar Serum, followed by surgical scar revision and lasers post op. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

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What options do I have to get rid of this scar?

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your seroma complications.  It is difficult to assess your skin excess through pictures alone as the tissues are likely swollen from your body's healing response.  Your wounds will likely take a few months to fully heal but several more months for the skin to regain normal elasticity for an appropriate evaluation to determine if a tummy tuck revision is possible.  See an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon in 6-9 months for an evaluation.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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