What is the best laser option to remove as much facial redness as possible? V-beam, IPL, or photofacial? (Photo)

I am 22 and I have rosacea subtype 1. No symptoms others than sensitivity, flushing, and mild, but persistent redness. I tried Mirvaso but had rebound. I also have some permanently dilated capillaries on my cheeks. My only goal is to remove the broken capillaries and as much of the redness as possible, as the contrast with my warm/yellowish skin everywhere else is pretty noticeable and most makeup causes irritation. I am not sure which laser is best to accomplish this goal.

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VBeam for facial redness

The VBeam laser by Candela was voted "Best in Class" for laser therapy to help with redness, broken facial vessels, capillaries and alar vessels.  It is extremely helpful for "facial flushing" as you have described and mild, persistent redness.  At our practice, I recommend a series of three treatments, one every three to four weeks as a package.  This doesn't "cure" the rosacea but helps improve the symptoms of rosacea as you describe above.  The typical patient returns for a maintenance treatment every six to twelve months and has very little downtime from the procedure.

I recommend an in-person consultation to assess your unique skin and share more details regarding the treatment.

Good luck.

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V-Beam for facial redness

The V-Beam is the gold standard for facial redness over the IPL laser, or any other laser for redness.  This combined with topical therapy such as Mirvaso will keep your rosacea under good control.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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