I strongly believe one of my silicone implants has ruptured but we're in the middle of IVF, should we put our treatment on hold?

In the middle of our first IVF cycle (egg retrieval in 5 days). We are heavily invested in this procedure, both financially and emotionally, but are now thinking that it would be better to remove or replace the implants before going any further. A diagnostic MRI would be too expensive considering the total of other costs involved in our treatments and wouldn't be feasible before our embryo implantation date. Implants are non-PIP silicone, 13 years old, I'm 34.

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To confirm implant failure

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see a board certified plastic surgeon and one with experience could tell with an exam (implant displacement) reliably if the implant shell has failed or not.  But if your implants are the newer cohesive implants (after 2005), having a ruptured implant is not dangerous as all and you could proceed with your IVF.  If there is no deadline wiht the IVF procedures, you can postpone it until you get  your implant issue settled if you feel having them out would be best for you.  If you live outside the US, I do not know what was done in Europe.

Redding Plastic Surgeon
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IVF and maybe a ruptured silicone implant!

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Thank you for asking about your silicone implants.
  • I am so sorry this happened in the middle of IVF.
  • I agree with your sense of urgency to deal with this.
  • You do not need an MRI - a much cheaper, very reliable study is an ultrasound of the breasts -
  • It must be done by an experienced breast radiologist, who reads lots of mammograms and ultrasounds.
  • It will tell you if there is a rupture and where it is. 
  • Once you know what is going on, you can decide what to do.
  • If you have no rupture or a small intracapsular rupture, you should be fine, waiting for years.
  • If you do need the implants removed - in advance ask your IVF specialist if you can continue IVF if surgery is done with  outpatient local anesthesia with sedation. .
  • If you can, ask the surgeon to do the surgery this way.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS


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I would suggest asking for an ultrasound of your breast to check the implant. Even if it is ruptured, it not an emergency. However, no one will advise elective surgery during pregnancy and breast feeding which could postpone your surgery up to 2 years depending upon how long you breast feed.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Status of the silicone implant shell--is it broken?

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Sorry to hear about your implant.   The MRI does not use X-ray so it should not cause any problems to the fetus in the second and third trimester.    In my area, an MRI limited to checking the silicone breast implant shell is around 500 to 1000.    A high resolution ultrasound can also give your similar results as an MRI also.   You should consult with your radiologist.    You have options without worrying about your pregnancy process.     Good luck.

Kenneth Sumida, MD
Folsom Plastic Surgeon
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