When should I stop working out pre-op? Just the chest muscles or the whole body?

I'm a hobby body-builder and I'm working out with heavy weights regularly. I'll have my breast augmentation in less than a month. I'm getting a subglandular placement (My doc said I have enough breast tissue for that) and I'm going from a small B-cup to a C+ or D-cup. When should I stop working out? I guess even though I'm not going for a submuscular placement, the whole chest area shouldn't be sore at the time of the operation?

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You don’t need to stop working out prior to breast augmentation.

Your pre-surgery exercise shouldn’t impact your breast augmentation surgery or results, so there’s no need to curtail your activity. Your implants will be inserted above the pectoralis muscle (subglandular placement) which means working out your chest muscles prior to your surgery shouldn’t pose any problems. However, it’s best to run this question by your plastic surgeon, who can offer you the most informed recommendation based on their surgical technique and their detailed knowledge of your specific situation. Best of luck to you.

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When should I stop working out pre-op? Just the chest muscles or the whole body?

There is no reason to stop your normal workouts before breast augmentation surgery.  Obviously you want to avoid injury to your pectoralis muscle so do not overdo your activity to the point where usual strain or pull a muscle immediately before surgery.

When should I stop working out pre-op?

If you were my patient,  I would suggest that you work out to your hearts content up to the date of your surgery; there is no rationale behind stopping workout routine prior to surgery (of course within reason, avoiding injury and/or dehydration).  If anything, exercise is a great stress relieving activity,  very helpful to patients prior to (often anxiety provoking) surgical procedures.  Best wishes.

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Work out

Feel free to work out up to the day of surgery. Exercise does increase oxygenation and blood flow to tissues, so is very helpful with healing. However, please listen to your surgeon's advice as when to resume activities.

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Breast augmentation - when to stop body building

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • You should actually ask your own surgeon -
  • However if it takes you 2-3 days for your muscles to recover after a work-out, stopping 5-7 days before surgery would be reasonable.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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When should I stop working out my chest before a breast augmentation?

Thank you for your question.  Honestly, in your situation, it probably doesn't really make much of a difference either way.  You stated that your implants will be placed in the subglandular plane, meaning they will be sitting atop your pectoral muscles.  Since your surgeon will not be lifting your muscles and creating a pocket below them, exercising your pectoral muscles shouldn't make too much of a difference.

You absolutely need to check with your Plastic Surgeon to see what he/she recommends in this situation.  If it were me, I would tell you to lay off the chest weights for the week before surgery and then for 4-6 weeks after surgery.  Working out other parts of your body shouldn't be much of an issue before surgery, and you will probably be cleared to start non-chest exercise within 1-2 weeks after your breast augmentation.  Best wishes!

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