Columella not aligned and uneven nostrils 3 weeks post op. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my rhinoplasty done 3 weeks ago. You can tell that my nostrils are uneven and from the bottom view It seems that the collumela wasnt sewed properly. Please note that the surgeon removed a line I had across my nasal tip during the procedure as well, so maybe this could be a possible cause. I tried to take an as clear picture as possible. Is it possible this will improve by itself? Thank you all so much for supporting us during such a difficult time if our lives.

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Columella problems?

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It is hard to say from the photograph what you are describing as "uneven nostrils". The columella forms the medial border of the nostril and you are still soon after surgery and likely have swelling. It is also hard to say without seeing a preoperative photograph how your nostrils looked before surgery. The final appearance of a nose after rhinoplasty won't really be known for several months and sometimes up to a year if it was a secondary rhinoplasty. Close follow up with your board certified plastic surgeon is key! Best, MMT

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