Best surgical treatment for deep mole on nose, since birth? (Photo)

Indian / F / 29 yrs. I've had a small, very deep colored mole on my nose since childhood. In spite of it being small, its very visible due to its strong color & the resulting contrast with the skin. I recently tried to have it removed at the derm's, who performed a shaving incision with a surgical knife followed by a CO2 laser ablation (for less than a minute). After 2 months, the mole has returned in its entirety, & the color is deep as ever. How do I get this mole removed permanently?

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How to remove a deep mole on the nose

I have gotten good cosmetic results removing deep moles (and acne scars) on the nose by removing the growth entirely using a punch biopsy and then doing a "punch graft" using skin from behind the ear. Once the skin graft has "taken", a light dermabrasion is done approximately 6 weeks later to make sure the area is smooth. This typically results in a minimal scar and ensures the mole will not grow back.

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