Will I get a parallel crease without epicanthoplasty?

I wanted a parallel crease and had upper blepharoplasty done twice earlier. But both of the surgeries failed. After taking a break, my surgeon is offering a revision. I was wondering if the surgeries are failing because i need epicanthoplasty to get a parallel crease. Please help.

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Medial epicanthoplasty not needed

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You would benefit from a revision double eyelid surgery. It is not exactly the same as a standard blepharoplasty. An Asian double eyelid surgery requires anchoring technique, which can be performed either through a non-incisional or incisional method. With that said, given that this is a revision case, I would strongly recommend an open approach.

You don't need a medial epicanthoplasty

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You don't need a medial epicanthoplasty to have a parallel crease. You basically need a revision Asian eyelid surgery with anchoring technique with a surgeon who performs Asian eyelid surgery AKA double eyelid surgery regularly.  Make sure it is an incision technique and make sure you see someone who clearly performs these surgeries regularly.

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