Will Invisalign be suitable for correcting my teeth? (Photos)

I want to correct the front 2 teeth overlapping and crowding...i have under gone orthodontic treatment before..which was around 3 years...the dentist has done a pathetic job...he has worsened my teeth...it was behind and was supposed to be brought in front...i dont want to go through the traumatic orthodontic treatment again...what is the other best and effective option available for me?i want to know some invisible and comfortable option so thought of Invisalign...

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Invisalign Possible but only a brave experienced dentist

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Since you have had such a bad experience with braces and do not want anymore brackets and wires, and since your condition can not be treated with restorative treatment adequately; I would attempt to treat you with Invisalign after a complete examination.  I would explain all of the compromises to be sure you were comfortable with the projected end result.  One of these would be a possible excessive overjet, but this would still look much more esthetic than your current condition.  Your upper arch is constricted and needs expansion, and it could be possible to extract a premolar on each side of the upper arch to help reduce the overjet that may be present otherwise.  The lower incisors need to be proclined to help with the overjet once the maxillary incisors are moved forward.It appears you have part of a lower baby tooth still present. Do you know why this has not been removed prior to the first orthodontic treatment?I have treated complex cases with Invisalign, and think your case would be challenging and fun while getting you a final result that you would be happy with.  Your case is not for the inexperienced or faint of heart, but could be as rewarding for your dentist or orthodontist as it could be for you.
Good luck and know that it is possible to achieve many things with modern dental techniques and orthodontics.
Douglas E. Jopling, DDS


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Your smile can certainly be enhanced with orthodontics. I am sorry to hear about your previous experience. Orthodontic treatment using either traditional braces or clear aligners like the invisalign can be beneficial and will have a significant positive impact on your teeth. However since you have a considerable amount of crowding and alignment needs I recommend for you to visit a qualified provider who has vast experience using invisalign. Treatments such as yours can also get accelerated using AcceleDent, which would allow your teeth to move faster and more favorably with either the aligners, or traditional braces. Your final results will look fantastic!All the best,

Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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