I don't have breasts. They're very small; how to get them to grow in size? I'm 18.

Please let me know

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Breast enhancement

At 18 years old you are most likely done growing and your breasts are fully developed. Since genetically you do not have the size breasts you want, a breast augmentation can help you achieve your desired look. Your next step should be to consult in person with a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about the procedure and see what is best for you. Good luck!

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Enlarging breast size

At the age of 18 your breasts are fully developed. The only reliable method of increasing breast volume is through breast augmentation with breast implants. You should seek the consultation of a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options. Looking at before and after pictures on the website will also give you an idea as to what you can expect.Best wishes,Ravi Somayazula

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When the glandular mammary volume and a patient is considered to be small independently of the reasons, it is possible to heighten a surgery that consists of the introduction, good of the retro-glandular space or of the retro-muscular space, an implant or prothesis across an incision of the skin (trans-areolomamilar, sub-areolar or peri-areolar, infra-areolar, sub-mammary, axilar, abdominal or supra-pubic). This receptacle or mammary prothesis can change of form, content and composition according to the indication in every case, to plan and to increase the mammary volume. 
First of all always it is important to establish a good diagnosis and the clearest and precise form is having the opportunity to see images (photo) abreast and wings to be able to establish a real physical and like that diagnosis on the basis of the interest of the patient choose the size, the boarding and the place of placement of this implant.

There are other methods of mammary increases with the utilization of corporal fat autóloga of the patient, but in spite of good results exist, this method is not most indicated since often this grafted fat can qualify being able to be confused futuramente with tumour injuries. 

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Breast Augmentation - Candidate

Thank you for your question. There are no long lasting natural ways to cause your breasts to 'grow'. If you desire to have larger breasts, you should consider breast augmentation surgery. Please discuss your concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon. Ask to see before and after photos to get an idea of what can be achieved. Hope this helps and good luck!

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I don't have breasts. They're very small; how to get them to grow in size? I'm 18.

Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately, short of surgical breast augmentation, there are no permanent non-surgical solutions for growing your breasts.   Do not fall for any advertising for creams or devices that tell you otherwise. Sometimes as you get a bit older and gain weight, some of the weight gain may increase  your breast size as well.  If you do seek a breast augmentation in the future, please seek a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast surgery.  All the best. 

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Wanting Augmented Breasts

To answer your question about make your breasts grow - the truth is there is no true way to "force" or "induce" breast growth.  It's possible for breasts to develop up through the age of 21 and beyond.  However, if your breasts are very small the best option to improve the volume and shape of your breast is with silicone breast implants.  You could discuss the augmentation with a board certified plastic surgeon and explore your options.  Breast augmentation is safe and a great option for breast enhancement in the absence of breast development. Best wishes!

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Breast surgery

Unfortunately there is nothing non surgical that will increase your breast size. If you ever get to a point where you do want to consider something like a breast augmentation be sure to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon. 
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Grow breast size

Hello and thank you for your question, many seek the knowledge that you do. 

Unfortunately I do not believe there is a proven, effective, researched, and FDA approved method for growing or increasing breast tissue. "Natural" supplements such as herbs, pills, and creams will not typically work, and are expensive for their false advertisement. The only method for increasing breast volume substantially, and accurate to the desired breast size is through breast augmentation. If that is interesting to you I advise excessive research on the subject (techniques, size expectations, post-op care & complications) and on multiple board certified surgeons in your area. If you receive work by a board certified plastic surgeon then your chances the surgery will be worth it are far superior. 

Best wishes

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