Acne and scarring post peel while on isotretinoin?

About 15 days ago I got a 20% GA and 15% TCA peel done while I was on isotretinoin. I had been taking it 5 mg/day for over 2 months at that point. I continued to take it for around 10 days more after the peel. I have realised that it's not recommended to get a peel done while on isotretinoin as it can cause severe scarring. What can I expect now and what measures should I take to counter this problem?

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See a specialist to review your skin

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Not recommend with isotretionon orally, but with 5 mg you MAY get away with things.. I suggest you see a Specialist for wound care. Namely prevention of skin colour changes, and the unlikelihood of scarring. Obviously stop the isotretion till rv. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. 

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