2 weeks post op and my crease is still not forming. (photos)

Its been 2 weeks now and I can't help but notice that the crease of my right eyelid is not very prominent. Instead i have a crease near my lashline and my eyes look like a swollen mess. I am happy with my left eye but my left eye is showing no signs of improvement. I know its still swollen but the swelling has gone down a lot since the surgery and the crease still seems to be sloppy. Will my right crease form?

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Asian blepharoplasty

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The creases look a bit high and I don't think the final result will be satisfactory. You may want to wait a bit and then get another opinion.

Talmage Raine MD FACS


Post-Op Swelling

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Swelling after any surgical procedure is common and should be expected.  Healing after surgery is different for each patient and you may be experiencing more swelling than the average patient for this particular procedure. Your bruising and swelling will continue to drift down over the next several weeks.

Contact your practitioner for further questions and concerns. And always seek a local Board-certified facial plastic surgeon or general plastic surgeon to address your concern.

Asian blepharoplasty

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This is not the typical approach to performing Asian blepharoplasty to create more defined creases. Instead of using an incision closer to your natural creases, the surgeon made the incisions very close to the eyebrows. Now you have two creases on each side. This can be modified - so if you are not satisfied with this appearance, I would highly recommend another opinion from an expert oculoplastic surgeon. Best wishes.

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