Multiple Surgery Costs Too High?

I am having breast implant replacement and upper eyelids done by a Santa Monica doctor at the price of $15,000. This is the total price for anesthesia, implants, and overnight stay at private facility with nurse. His partner, who would do a CO2 laser resurfacing of my face and some fat injections at the same time, is charging $9,500. Does that seem awfully high since the anesthesia and O.R. costs are already included in first surgery?

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Multiple Surgery Costs Too High?

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That price should be a good price for state but you should try other options and not only one medical office as an option . 
Other states have better prices for the same amount of work and you do not have to sacrifice price for experience in those cases. 
Just make sure that surgeon is Board certified and has years in experience for the procedure you are interested in . 

Fees Vary

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Each practice has their own fee structure. Those fees would be very high for South Florida but maybe reasonable for a quality surgeon in Santa Monica.

Multiple surgery cost

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The exact nature of your surgery and the environment you choose determine the cost of cosmetic plastic surgery. Getting other opinions for similar work from other local doctors of similar experience providing similar levels of care might help you sort this out.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

A 2nd or third opinion is helpful

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At our practice, we do cases like this together in one session, which reduces O.R. costs and helps the patient because they only have one period of recovery. It is always a good idea to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion, and always check the credentials and board certification of your doctors before proceeding. Take care.

Not something another plastic surgeon can answer

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This is something you need to discuss with your plastic surgeon and his office staff. If it is not being done at the same time as the other surgery the OR and anesthesia times are additive.

Dr Edwards

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