Multiple Skin Folds Under Buttocks (Banana Folds) After Liposuction - Can It Be Corrected? (photo)

Hello - I had laser liposuction done 1 1/2 years go for my thighs and saddlebag and was pretty pleased with how much smaller my thighs looked as I had huge thighs. But now my each butt has three ugly skin folds that look very embarrassing as I cant wear any swimwear or tights. Can this be fixed ? What procedure should I undergo to get this fixed ? Thank you very much for your time and replies. Thanks, Mia

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Skin vs Fat

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Hi Mia

Often times, during my consultation, I emphasize the need to understand one very important concept involving liposuction.  Many of my patients are surprised to find out that I stress the need to understand the consequences of volume reduction as it relates to SKIN, specifically, how will the skin adapt to the changes in volume - will it redrape smoothly and evenly or will it wrinkle and become loose?  This relies on how good the skin was to begin with and how much fat was removed.  And while many patients undergoing liposuction request,"Take it ALL OUT!" - over resection is the number one source of complaint post liposuction due to its effects on contour irregularity and skin wrinkling and laxity.  And once it develops, it is a difficult problem to correct which may involve fat transfers vs skin resection and redraping.  Banana roll region is a common source of your outcome, as many have shared with your experience.  In summary, an improvement may be possible with skin resection with draping and/or fat transfer with touch up liposuction.  

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