How Do People Get Multiple Sessions with Fraxel Dual?

How can people possibly do multiple sessions of Fraxel Dual? I did 1 session and the whole 7-10day process was more than I can possibly imagine to deal with. I have not seen much improvement after fraxel dual. When my skin flakes turned out on days 3/4 my cheeks had massive brown spots relative to my normal skin. I thought I was severely prone to hyperpigmentation. Thank god 3 days later the fresh skin showed my original skin color. But 3 wks later skin looks crap and don't wanna do it again

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Fraxel DUAL Results Improve With Multiple Treatments

In my practice, my patients appreciate when we don't get overly aggressive with the Fraxel Dual and plan on further treatments if necessary. For patients with significant pigmentation problems, I find it necessary to include a skin bleaching regimen, often for several months after the Fraxel DUAL for the best results.

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RE: Multiple Sessions With Fraxel Dual Laser

The amount of improvement that is experienced after Fraxel Dual differs from patient to patient depending on how severe the initial condition is.

Fraxel Dual uses very specific wavelengths to break up structures in the skin that contains the melanin of unwanted pigmentation spots. Your lymphatic system performs the role of flushing these remains from your system.

Also Fraxel Dual stimulates the dermis beneath your skin to create new collagen fibers that help restore your skin’s firmness and elasticity. 

As with any cosmetic procedure, results depend on the doctor’s skill. With Fraxel Dual, the parameters can be adjusted to very specific levels for different individuals.

The physician needs to know how to manipulate these parameters to get the right results for different patients. Many patients do benefit from the collective affects of multiple treatment sessions.

Again, this is especially true of patients with more severe issues. With your case, it is difficult to determine what caused your experience without additional detail.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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Typically The Downtime is Within Your Control

Your recovery seems longer than typical, however some portions were appropriate.  What you noticed at day 3-4 is all the pigment coming to the surface.  As you experienced, after peeling, your fresh skin appeared.  It is difficult to tell you why your skin does not look good, however there usually is continued improvement for weeks after.  Don't give up on your program. Fraxel is a fractional approach and you can get continued benefit.  It is important for the doctor and patient to discuss the recovery time before the procedure.  The higher the energy, the more results you can see, but the longer the recovery.  Most patients want as much result as possible, so often the doctors use a high energy setting. It is possible to reduce your recovery time, but that will also reduce the gains. 

Michael M. Papalian, MD
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Fraxel Dual has a very high satisfaction rate

The use of both the 1550 as well as the 1927 wavelength lasers that make up the Fraxel Dual treatment work well in synergy to improve photoaged skin. The fine flaking/crusting usually last 5 days. Results are a smoother, brighter skin tone and reduction of fine lines over 1-3 months. Most of my patients get 1-2 sessions. It is hard to know why your results were so unusual without details of the setting used, number of passes and the over treatment coverage.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
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