Mesotherapy for Hair Regrowth with Multiple Scelerosis

what are side effects of multiple scelerosis & mesotherapy for hair regrowth?

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Mesotherapy will NOT Grow Hair

I am NOT familiar with any relation between Multiple Sclerosis and Hair growth or Loss.

As regards Mesotherapy, it is a technique whose promises and claims have vastly exceeded its capabilities. Put another way, Mesotherapy has not been scientifically proven to do ANYTHING. It will NOT grow hair, it will not predictably and accurately reduce fat.

But - There have been reports that in large doses Mesotherapy may restore common sense and humanity in those lacking such qualities. I would therefore thoroughly support giving several strategically placed Mesotherapy injections to the esteemed President Mahm?d Ahmadinezh?d as well to Ali Khamenei and Parviz Davoodi.

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