Multiple Procedures for a Healthy 25-year-old?

Hello, I am 25 years old, 5'2'' tall and I weigh 135 lbs. I have not had a baby yet but I want to have a small tummy tuck and liposuction done all over my abdomen, back, love handles, inner thighs, under my chin, and take the good fat and do a Brazilian butt lift. Can I have that all done at the same time? I am also in very good health. I would be thankful if you reply. Thank You!

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Tummy tuck with other procedures

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A tummy tuck can certainly be combined with other procedures.  The most common procedures include breast surgery or liposuction.  I'm not a fan of the so called Brazilian butt lift however.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Combined procedures

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Although multiple procedures can be safely performed in one setting, doing all the procedures you listed all in one setting seems quite excessive.  

Multiple procedures can be done safely, but it depends on your health status (past medical history), your anatomy, and the amount of surgery/type of procedures to be done.  On longer cases, an overnight stay may be recommended.  Please talk to your plastic surgeon to get their thoughts on the matter as they are most familiar with your medical history and overall health status.   

Please confirm that your plastic surgeon is board certified plastic surgeon specifically by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Remember, safety first.  You can always come back and fight another day.

Best wishes,

Dr. Basu
Houston, TX

Multiple procedures

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Based on your height and weight, you may be a candidate for liposuction and a fat transfer to your buttock, depending on the quality of your skin. If you are planning to have children in the future, you may want to consider delaying your tummy tuck until you have completed having children. If your lower abdominal area is free of stretch marks and loose skin, then perhaps liposuction alone is the answer. Again, you would need to be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon prior to any planned body contouring/liposuction procedures.

Provided the amount of fat removed is less than five liters, which I imagine it would be in your case, then these procedures can be combined safely at the same time. Be careful to avoid sitting for about two weeks to maintain the lifespan of your fat transfer to the buttock area.

Your surgeon may want to make arrangements for you to stay overnight at an after care facility to be observed overnight.

William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Multiple Procedures can be OK at the same time

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First, you must determine with your surgeon what procedures are best to achieve your goals. You must determine if your goals are realistic. Tummy tuck is often combined with liposuction. I wouldn't do tummy tuck and lipoinjection to the buttocks at the same time as your recovery will be compromised. Having multiple procedures can be safe in the right situation and in the right patient. You should see a board-certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate the areas you want to address and determine if the procedures are safe and effective for you.

Parham Ganchi, PhD, MD
Wayne Plastic Surgeon
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Multiple Procedure

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Yes, it is possible and safe to do multiple procedures in a young and healthy patient as long as you are having your surgery in an accredited facility by competent surgeons. If you are planning on having babies in the next few years, you should hold off on the tummy tuck. Liposuction and butt lift, however, would be a good choice and would not be affected by pregnancy. Of course, we could give you more specific advice if you post pictures. Good luck with your procedure.

Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time

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The main danger in a healthy patient is length of general anesthesia. Risks start to increase after 4 hours of surgery. These risks can be avoided by using IV sedation anesthesia instead of General Anesthesia.

You can definitely have the Brazilian Butt Lift and a Tummy Tuck at the same time. I have done this combination case many times over the past 5 years with no complications.

A small caveat in your particular case is that if you have not had a baby yet I would hold off on the Tummytuck until after you have had the baby, as the tummy tuck will stretch out all your repair work.

Ricardo L Rodriguez MD

Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Multiple procedures.

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1) Don't have any kind of tummy tuck until you are finished having babies.

2) Liposuction of the areas you list and fat injections into your butocks (Brasilian butt lift) are fine to do all together in someone like you.

3) You don't want too long anesthesia time or too much blood loss, and I don't think either would be a problem.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Multiple procedures in a healthy patient

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It may be possible and safe to do the procedures you describe, in a select group of patients for the right reasons. If you have not yet had a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ASAPS) or the American Society of Plastic Surgery(ASPS)--that is the first place to start the decision making process.

You mention "small tummy tuck" and that you may have a baby in the future. In general i would recommend waiting till your family is complete and finished with pregnancies prior to consideration of a tummy tuck.

Regarding the multiple areas of liposuction, your listed height and weight would suggest that the volume of lipo aspirate would be reasonable. The risks of liposuction seem to increase when more than 5 liters are removed in one setting. If more than 5 liters is removed at a time you should spend the first night after surgery in a monitored setting.

John E. Gross, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Multiple procedures

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Hacving multiple procedures within reason is certainly okay in a young healthy individual. If you are planning to have children, I would wait to get a tummy tuck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Wait for the tummy tuck

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Get evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon -- let them tell you what is appropriate for you . .Just because you want a tummy tuck doesnt mean it is the proper treatment. Otherwise, what you want done should be appropriate for one surgery.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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