Is It Safe to Have Multiple Liposuction Procedures with Breast Reduction?

My Doctor told me that he will do Liposuction for my back, waist, tummy, upper arms, breast and chin. And inject the fat in my hips (sides) as it's my desire to have hourglass body. Is it risky to do all these areas at the same time?

I’m 76kls (167lbs) weight and 159cm (5'2") tall, but I don’t look fat. I’m just a little chubby in the mentioned areas. Is it possible to do Breast Reduction instead of breast liposuction in this surgery? Considering that I have lumpy breasts (fibroadenoma).

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Liposuction and Breast reduction surgeries simultaneously

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It is possible to do both procedures at once. There can of course be complications with any surgery, but they generally go very well for young healthy patients.

The issue is your weight. It is too high.

You can accomplish more in one month in the gym and modifying your diet than you could ever accomplish in surgery. And the cost is zero.

You will undoubtedly find a surgeon to operate on you at this weight, but it is not your best option.

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Breast reduction and Liposuction of Multiple Areas?

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Thank you for the question.

Yes, this combination of surgery  can be done safely. However, the surgery should be limited to what can be accomplished SAFELY  in regards to time under anesthesia and blood loss.  If there is any doubt, the procedures should be broken up into 2 stages.

Best wishes.

Breast Reduction vs. Breast Liposuction

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Having liposuction of multiple areas is more common than only having one area done. But the decision to have a breast reduction vs breast liposuction has to do with what needs to be achieved.

Typically large breasts tend to sag resulting in the nipple areolar complex falling below the inframammary fold. Therefore, during a breast reduction the nipple areolar complex is re-elevated to its appropriate position while the excess breast tissue is removed.

Rarely the breasts can be large without descent of the nipple. In this case it is possible to reduce the breast size just by liposuction.

So to answer your question if you need a standard breast reduction then this is what should be done. It could be done at the same time as the liposuction.

Multiple surgical procedures

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It is certainly possible to do multiple procedures at the same time. However, in the US, we usually limit the amount of liposuction that is performed in one session to about 5000cc of fat. I would not recommend liposuction of the breast because they may sag.

Consider wegiht loss prior to full upper body liposuction

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at you height, your ideal body weight should be about 115 pounds which at your current weight places you at nearly 30% above your ideal body weight. This is more than just a little chubby and your limited areas of liposuction include nearly your entire body with the exception of your face and lower extremities.

Without a doubt you would see better results through weight loss followed by liposuction to targeted areas of diet resistant fat.

Should you decide to proceed, you clearly are an higher risk for clotting.

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