Multiple Fraxel Repair Sessions for Better Results?

I have just completed my 2nd session of Fraxel Repair. Both were done at 70mj and 60%. Have any of you done multiple sessions of Fraxel Repair and saw better results from the 2nd procedure? I'm having Fraxel done acne scars and wrinkles.

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Repeating Fraxel Repair treatments will increase results

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Acne scars respond to repetitive heating of the dermis with the Fraxel laser. I use both Fraxel restore and Fraxel repair lasers in treating acne scars and find the results are comparable as long as multiple treatments are performed. On average 4 to 5 Fraxel restore and 2 Fraxel repair treatments. The repair will give you better results with deeper lines but is equivalent to the restore for acne scars. The more treatments you have the more you will see. Treatment interval for the Fraxel restore is 1 month and for the repair 3 months.

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