Would It Be Safe to Do 4 Cosmetic Procedures at Once?

I'm considering getting Rhinoplasty (just tip work), Breast implants, inner Thigh lift and Liposuction to the flanks/mid-section. I'd like to save cost and do them all at once. Is this safe and/or possible? I'm a young, healthy woman in my mid 20's. I have lost weight in the past and have flabby skin on my thighs and deflated breasts that can't be remedied through exercise.

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Multiple cosmetic procedures at one time

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While it is not uncommon to combine a variety of cosmetic procedures at the same setting to be more cost effective and consildate recovery time; it sounds to me like you may be trying to do a little too much at once. You should have a very long discussion with your surgeon about this. Anything more than 6 hours in time significantly increases your risk of having serious complications. I would not perform all of the procedures you are mentioning at once as the surgery time would be too long for me to consider it safe. Maybe tehre are some suregons who could do this, but do you really want someone who is going to rush through your procedures? Think long and hard and talk to several surgeons about your plan.

Multiple procedure

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I would recommend against combining all these procedures:

1. Rhinoplasty is a complex surgery that requires attention to details. That takes time.

2. Breast deflation: even implants require attention to details

3. Liposuction; with small canula to get good results depending on the amount will take a fair amount of time

4. thigh lift: I assume Medial thigh lift need attention to details

May be two surgeries.

Safety, good results, is the ultimate goal not how much I can do in one session or how fast I can do surgery

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Some combinations of cosmetic procedures can be done at the same time

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It is safe and possible to do these four operations simultaneously. This is a reasonable request, as all the surgeries could be performed and completed within four to five hours, which is an acceptable time period.

Length of surgery and the type of cases to be combined need to be considered.

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In your case, the thigh lift has the highest morbidity in relation to DVT. Combination with liposuction slightly increases that risk. Nose surgery adds to the time. My guess is the entire case would take near 5 hours.

My advice would be to take one of the procedures off the table for now. Maybe do the liposuction another time. If you decide to combine, you will need to stay in a nursing overnight recovery center.

Reza Nabavian, MD
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon

Multiple procedures okay for healthy young person within limits

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It is possible to combine several procedures for a healthy young female. In general it is better not to have very long procedures to avoid risks related to anaesthesia. The procedures you mentioned could last more than 6 hours. You might want to divide them in two sessions. Best of luck!

Multiple Cosmetic Surgeries At One Time

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It is common to do multiple cosmetic surgeries at one time. What must be considered is the overall health of the patient and the procedures done. Although I have done multiple large procedures on patients at one time I take into account the patients health and the procedures to be performs. Although a 62 year old may be able to undergo a facelift, breast lift and tummy tuck this may not hold for a 30 year old. If you're healthy and appropriate safety precautions are taken to prevent pressure ulcers and DVT's I think you should be fine.

Multiple Procedures

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I frequently do multple procedures in one operation. The main concern is the time under anesthesia. The work you describe can be done safely at one session. I think there is less risk and definiely is cheaper than having multiple surgeries.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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4 cosmetic procedures - sounds ok

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For a young, healthy person, this combo should be fine. Recuperation with pain in several areas may be a little difficult, but worth it. The anesthesia should not be overly long. Should be fine (and less costly).

G. Gregory Gallico III, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon


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It is possible to do them all, however I feel that at least for me, I would not be able to do them all in a reasonable amount of time without the assistance of another surgeon. I prefer not to have another surgeon because that tends to lead to asymmetry. Perhaps eliminate one procedure to cut down on OR time.


Multiple cosmetic procedures at same session can be done safely

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The risk of multiple procedures is related to 2 things: General Anesthesia risk, which increases dramatically after 4 hours, and blood loss.

I do such procedures ROUTINELY without compromising safety. How? By combining IV sedation with tumescent anesthesia. The concept is not new and has been tried extensively at major centers such as Northwestern university, as well as surgicenters who have documented their experiences with thousands of patients.

1- Use of IV sedation with the patient breathing on her own eliminates the risks of general anesthesia. Less total medications are given and the patients muscle tone and breathing greatly diminish the chance of blood clots or lung complications.

2 Tumescent local anesthesia greatly reduces blood loss, decreases the need for systemic anesthetics, and serves as a fluid reservoir for the patient after discharge.

Check out the link below for a patient who had 9 hours of surgery, she is talking lucidlly and enumerating her procedures 40 minutes after coming out of the operating room.

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