How Much Should Multiple Areas of Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

I want to have a Brazilian butt lift through fat grafting and liposuction of the tummy, upper and lower back, as well as waist. Also lipo of the neck and upper arms.

Racking a bill of $6900 USD in Thailand. Time & money is a big factor playing into my decision to go outside the US. With that said, I really would like to find a surgeon in and or around GA, with credentials that could work these procedures, without going over $13K. Is that even possible?

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Having surgery abroad

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Regardless of going abroad for surgery, there are safety concerns with addressing all your requests with one surgery. The ideal surgical candidate for liposuction is in good shape with an area that they can't reduce with exercise and diet. You seem to have many areas you want to reduce and have a general accumulation of fat distributed in many areas. You may not be in the best medical shape and having all these sites operated in one session increases the number of hours of surgery and the risk of complications. Aside from the risk to your health, there could be a problem if you were to try to address these problems when you're back home in the states. You might want to check with your medical insurance carrier if they would cover you for complications if the surgery were done abroad.

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Search for your surgeon by Results and Safety, not just cost!

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Yes it is possible to have the Brazilian Butt lift done for under $13k. But, be careful not to choose your surgeon on cost alone. I believe it's better to hold off on having it done until you can afford a reputable and experienced plastic surgeon to perform your procedure than it is to settle for someone to do it cheaply for you and not get the results you are seeking, or for it to be done unsafely. I have seen so many patients over the past couple of years who have had the Brazilian done elsewhere for a "low price" who then pay to have it repeated because it "didn't work" for them. Be careful! Be sure the surgeon you choose has performed this procedure many times and can show you Very nice long term results ie:more than 3 months post op, otherwise, the fullness that you see in their buttocks may just be swelling.

Traveling to Miami for a Brazilian butt lift

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A Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective procedure that combines liposuction of the abdomen hips waist and back and then fat grafting to the gluteal region. This is a safe and effective way to contour the lower body. The costs of any Brazilian Butt lift depend on the amount of time and work that is necessary for liposuction and grafting procedures.

Prices for this procedure may vary depending on the amount of liposuction and grafting that needs to be done as well as the amount of time that is required to accomplish this. This procedure may range in price from $6000-$12,000.
In our practice, we have many financing plans that make this procedure affordable to just about any budget.
Keep in mind, that you will find unethical providers out there that'll offer to inject all sorts materials into the butt for augmentation. Please know that this is very dangerous and that here in South Florida, we have seen many patients with severe deformities and several patient deaths.
Always keep your health and safety first and foremost in your mind!

Medical Tourism: Beware and Do your homework

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I would not advise or recommend that you consider medical tourism for this procedure unless you are well acquainted with the facility and could travel for 2 weeks prior to your surgery and stay for a minimum of 2 weeks after. If you desire follow up or have questions about the procedure after it is performed, you will be hard pressed to find a surgeon who would be willing to provide you with care and you may find that you become financially responsible for this as it falls outside your medical insurance coverage.

You are discussing several different areas of liposuction and a major consideration is whether you are truly desiring liposuction or the Brazilian Butt lift. To clarify, I could see that you could easily obtain sufficient fat with liposuction to achieve a reasonable buttock augmentation without achieving a significant change in the body contours. Additional liposuction would be required and additional time and expense would be incurred.

Your first step is to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Brazilian Butt Enhancement

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Cosmetic surgery is most advanced is in the US.

You are more safe and protected in the US, complication from surgery done ouside the us is more expensive to correct

Lipo multiple areas for brazilian butt enhancement will cost about $20k all included

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Cost of multiple areas of Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift

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As the old adage says, "You get what you pay for!" With that being said, I agree with Dr Soto about out of country traveling. Especially to a place soooooooooo far away. The risk/benefit ratio is very bad. Also, comparing the credentials of Dr Soto and myself, or any other U.S. boarded plastic surgeon vs the non U.S. trained doctors over there, you must be careful. Because you have NO RECOURSE if something goes wrong. We here in the U.S. have a close network of colleagues around the country to help each other with patients who travel for their cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, to render care if there are any issues.

Yes, I know the fees are very low, but we are trying to match these ridiculously low fees to help protect the patient from bad surgeons, bad surgery, and travel risks. Therefore, from the ONLY photo presented I will quote a fee of $7,800 for Body Jet Lipo (4 liters total) with Fat Transfer to the buttock of 400 cc's per side (Brazilian Butt Lift - BBL). This does not include airfare or traveling to MIAMI, 1 week in Holiday Inn University of Miami, meals, transportation to and from the office, Rx's, post operative massages, blood & urine tests. (These can be arranged through my office and office manager at a discounted rate). My contact info office 305 598 0091, e/mail

Please be careful in making your decision, your well being is important to all of us. Regards.

Is is possible to have a Brazilian Butt Lift within my budget?

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Hi there-

I would always advise patients against traveling outside the US for surgery of any kind- in my Orlando Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center, we see at least one patient a month who had surgery abroad and now has a complication. Sometimes treating these patients is simple and straightforward, and in other cases it requires surgery- but it is always at additional expense to the patient, and can lead to problems they would not have had if they had had their surgery by a reputable, board certified plastic surgeon in the US.

In many cases, these patients have a hard time finding a plastic surgeon in the US willing to see them, as no one wants to take on the liability and trouble of another surgeon's complication...

Please be careful.

Having said all of that, and while it is very difficult to say exactly what your costs might be without first seeing you for a consultation, I can tell you that the average costs for a Brazilian Butt Lift in our practice range between $9000 and $13000.

Please also read the following articles about safe plastic surgery and finding a surgeon you can trust:

Cost of multiple areas of liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift

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The liposuction of the multiple areas involved plus the preparation of the fat for transfer results in a higher cost than the liposuction alone.

Although $6900 for this procedure in Thailand sounds good, there are many other issues other than cost that factor into a decision to have this procedure abroad. If you add in the cost of travel, hotels and meals this could add another $3000 to the total. Also who do you call if someting goes wrong?

The $13,000 that you were quoted close to home sounds about right. Be aware that there a new technologies now available that make this procedure less costly because it shortens the procedure time and is more efficient. Look for a plastic surgeon who has the Body-Jet machine because the liposuction is much less traumatic and the harvesting of the fat is simplified for large volumes.

Joel B. Singer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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