Can Multi-colored Tattoos Be Removed Completely with Multiple Laser Treatments? (photo)

I have multi-colored tattoos that range from red, black, light pink, white, teal, yellow, orange and purple in it. I heard that white ink is the hardest ink to remove. Can it be completely removed with multiple laser treatments? What about the other colors and how effective the removal process may be, and with how many treatments?

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Can Multi-colored Tattoos Be Removed Completely with Multiple Laser Treatments...

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Laser tattoo removal can be a highly effective procedure.  There are many different machines that claim to treat lasers, but only certain types actually work.  A Q-switched type of laser is important to generate the power needed to release the pigment and allow the body to carry it away.  The types of Q-switched lasers include Nd:YAG, Ruby, and Alexandrite.  Typically, colors like black, dark blue, and red are the easiest to remove, while other colors like green, sky blue, yellow and white can be resistant to treatment.  No one can guarantee a result, but most people are happy, which is why we offer the procedure.

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tattoo removal can be accomplished for black red and even dark green colored tattoos fairly easily with basic tattoo removal lasers. other colors can be more challenging and there are a few lasers on the market that do this this fairly well. at times you have to use more ablative lasers to get the rest of the tattoo.

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