Mullers muscle resection on mild ptosis: Significant swelling in week 2 (Photo)

The day after the op the height of the adjusted eye lid looked good and the swelling was minor. As the days have passed however the swelling has increased and more worryingly the eye lid has dropped and is now even lower than before. Is the swelling the likely cause or is it possible the stitches have slipped or loosened. Is significant swelling in week 2/3 common? My doc has said it can take 6weeks for the final height to be realised. Is it likely the lid will rise as the swelling subsides?

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Swelling after Posterior Approach Ptosis Surgery

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I tell my patients that swelling and bruising can often look worse on day 2-4 then on the first postop day.  Your swelling is most apparent between the lid crease and lid margin and this is common after posterior approach ptosis surgery.  This can indeed cause a mechanical ptosis due to increase weight, but also because the lid becomes thick decreasing its movement.  While it is possible that your lid may not look quite as good as it did on day 1, it is more likely that it will look great in 4-6 weeks when the swelling has subsided.

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Swelling after ptosis repair

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  • Your surgeon is right, swelling can push the lid down.
  • Your final result is not apparent until 6 months but the improvement should be apparent at 6 weeks,
  • Best wishes.

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