How Long do I Need to Wait to Get Mullerectomy After having LASIK?

I had a unilateral mullerectomy 3 weeks ago for ptosis r/t contact lens use, and now need to have the other eyelid done. My surgeon wants to wait a bit to see how the eyes settles out, but agrees the other eye should be done to acheive a more symmetrical look. I am scheduled to have LASIK surgery in 2 weeks. How long after I have the LASIK procedure can I think about having the mullerectomy? I clearly don't want to disturb the corneal flap, but my asthetics are very bothersome to me.

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How long after LASIK for eye lid surgery

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After the elimination of glasses it is nice to have your eye lids fixed.  I would suggest that it is best to wait for the worst of the dryness to improve.  This will be different for everyone.  Everyone gets dryness after LASIK.  The worst is usually over after 4-6 weeks but it takes 3-4 months for most people to get back to baseline.  Eye lid surgery can also cause irritation to the eye making the dryness from LASIK worse.  We generally suggest to our LASIK patients that they wait 3 months before having lid surgery.

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