MTZ (Dots, Dimples) from Fraxel Restore

I am 3 months post 3 series of Fraxel restores (20,25,35). I hyperpigmented on my last one which I am prone to do. It resolved quickly; however, my biggest concern are these MTZs, dots or dimple (orange peel) effects. Genetically, I understand some people heal slower. Does this compromise the surrounding tissues for future problems? Or is it as simple as the need of a good exfoliation? mircoderms, peels, I am even considering a Fraxel lite but am worred about the same outcome.

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You would need to have a careful examination of your skin texture to determine the answer to your question. As Fraxel only treats a fraction of the surface per treatment, you may need several more treatments to effect a more homogenous result, but without knowing your skin condition currently I could not recommend that in case you have an ill-effect from the laser (which is very very rare).

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