3 Months Post-op Saline Implants - Can I Sleep on My Stomach?

I Am 3 Mths Postop with Saline Implants. Is It Safe to Sleep on my Stomach?

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Can you sleep on your stomach after breast augmentation

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You should ask your surgeon if you can sleep on your stomach after breast augmentation.  Three months may be ok for you depending on the position of your implants and if they have fully settled from the surgery yet.  One concern with sleeping on your stomach too soon is that the implants can have a tendency to migrate laterally (to the side) if the pocket around the implant hasn't fully developed yet.  You may want to wait a few more months and wear a sports bra at night to sleep.

Again, please consult with your plastic surgeon for a more detailed examination and for more information on this topic.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno

Sleeping Position after Augmentation

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I would certainly allow you to sleep on your stomach 3 months following your augmentation.  This is a question that should be asked of your operating surgeon.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Sleeping on your stomach with saline implants

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The best person to ask is your surgeon. By this time, however, it should be okay unless you have a complication.

Sleep on Stomach After Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question. Yes it is generally safe to sleep on your stomach 3 months after the breast augmentation procedure.  To be safe you may want to continue the use of a supportive bra to keep the breast implants “centralized” when you lie on your stomach.

I hope this helps.

Sleeping on stomach after the breast implant augmentation surgery

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I generally allow my patients to sleep on their stomach around 3 weeks so this is not unreasonable reqeust.

Sleeping on stomach after breast implant surgery

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I let patients sleep on their stomach when they feel comfortable. This usually happens within 6 weeks or so after surgery. But just to be safe check with your doctor.

Sleeping on your stomach after breast augmentation.

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After breast augmentation most patients can not sleep on their stomachs for about one month. It really depends on your comfort. At 3 months post breast augmentation the breasts should be have dropped to their correct position and be soft. If this is the case I would allow you to sleep in any position that is comfortable but you should consult your doctor.

Sleeping on Stomach after Surgery

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Yes, I personally would allow my patients to sleep on their stomach after this amount of time with this particular procedure. 

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