2 Mths out Bb Weird, Pooches Under Bb, Purple Line Doc Has No Answers Why

2 mths since surgery and have complained to doc about few issues bb shape weird, pooches (muscles)stick out under bb, deep purple line top of muscle repair that has not faded - doc seems to have no clear cut answers of what they are or what to do about them any advice?

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Questions after Tummy Tuck

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I wish your photo was clearer or you had additional photos to answer your question.  Was this a mini tuck or a full tummy tuck?  Belly button shape may be "wierd" if it is being pulled down by the mini tuck.  Hard to see bulge in photo. Also hard to see purple line.  The only line I see is vertical and looks like it is from a compression garment.  Sorry I cannot be more specific.

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