4 Months After Top and Lower Eyelids Pulled and Sewn Too Tight into Corner. Vision Still Unsettled, Why?

had eye operation for medical reasons 4 mths ago the end result was the top and lower lids were sown very tight into the corner pulld uptight towards ear and up to brow like siamese cat slanting eye my vision is cloudy and seems to move very difficult for me to focus does not seem to settle am very depressed the surgeon doesnt know why says its dry eye but lubricants dont help can anyone give me advice its like looking through a mist that comes and goes constantly thank you

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Eye Problems After A Blepharoplasty

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I am sorry that you are having this experience.  From what you are describing, it sounds like you had upper and lower blepharoplasty and canthal surgery to tighten the lower lid.  You problems may be due to:


1)  Dry eye

2)  Incomplete closure of the eye

3)  Lower lid is not properly place and is no longer touching the eyeball in the correct fashion

4)  Others


If you are concerned that you believe that there may be another problem other than dry eye, I would suggest you see a specialist who has experience with patients having these issues after surgery.  It is important that you keep the eye moist to avoid long term problems such as corneal abrasions.


I hope this helps!

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