Transsexual Breast Augmentation

How do plastic surgeons feel about doing breast implants on a MTF (male-to-female) transsexual person?

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3 Tips for Transsexual Breast Augmentation Surgery

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  1. Show up with letters from 2 mental health professionals, who support your decision to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.
  2. Bring in a letter from your endocrinologist or internist. The note should document your compliance with your hormone regimen and should confirm that you are healthy enough for a general anesthetic.
  3. Plan on getting silicone implants in subglandular positions (not beneath the muscle).

Good luck!

Ventura Plastic Surgeon

Transsexual breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation is a normal part of MTF transexual surgery. Although there are very few places that do the actual sexual reassignment (I used to, but, presently do not), many Plastic Surgeons are capable of doing the ancillary procedures like augmantation. All, however, will only do these procedures if you are enrolled in a full program where you have been under Psychologic evaluation, have lived as your new gender and been approved for reassignment or have already had it.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Male to female Breast Augmentation

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Male to female Breast Augmentation can be performed but under strict guidelines. The patient should first be under the care of a psychiatrist. I believe the patient also needs to be on hormones as well. If the patient is cleared by their psychiatrist to go for gender reassignment surgery, then he/she can have an augmentation.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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