MtF Transgender Searching for Partial Grs Surgery?

Pardon abbrev. no room. I am 43, MtF, HRT for years, + have BA. No full GRS as not satisfied with the current "vagina" med. science able to create. Barring med breakthrough, best option for me, would keep my penis and the sensativity, avoid risking everything in grs. How to get a partial grs surgery. Looking for "appearance" of a vagina without removing penis. Actual vagina not needed (would be bonus!), just the inner/outer labia etc. I know, everyone will say "ethical concerns" - but how?

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Excellent , functional and sensate results are attainable with SRS Vaginoplasty

While it is true in the past SRS vaginoplasties left much to be desired, today results can be quite wonderful.  SRS vaginoplasties that are up to date preserve all of the penile shaft skin and its sensitivity and use mcro dissection to preserv all inervation to the glans or head of the pens.  some greatly reduce the preserved tissue of the head and have excellent results with spontaneous orgasm.  I like to preserve extended mass of the glans to not only make a clitoris but also use this highly innervated tissue for part of the clitoral hood and surrounding tissue.  I also use the principles I developed in the MACIE labiaplasty to make a beautiful feminine form.  Depth can be as deep as biological women and complications rates are very low.  THe first step is to establish a relationship with a mental health provider who can help you work through the thought process and steps and refer you or support your entry to a practice like mine.  I hope this helps and wish you a wonderful experience through your transformation!

All the best,

Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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