Sharp pain after 6 weeks? Is it normal one is dropping to the side?Can I get implants with more profile for my body type?(photo)

I have 750cc on my left breast and 800cc on my right breast. I have low profile mentor silicone implants. I did want more projection but my doctor said because of my figure I would have more of a gap in between I am 5"8 200 pounds. I am 6 weeks post op and get sharp pain that goes away quick on my left side when I hold it and put pressure it goes away. My right breast has not dropped much and I see were my stitches are it seems to dent. Please advice.

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Intermittent pains after augmentation

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are normal and your surgeon was right about having more gap if you went with higher profile implants.  If accepting of the gap, you could switch them out.  More importantly, you need to ask your surgeon for maneuvers to help your right side settle (catch up) with your left side that has a good look to it.  I personally use sport bras or leisure bras with the band pulled over the top of the higher implant but this is for smooth round implants.  Check with your surgeon.

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