Is it possible to have fat removed from my face after I had fat transfer surgery to highlight my cheekbones?

There is no balance or continuity to my face.It's alot worse then before surgery.The fat is hindering me from smiling.He put way too much fat along my jaw line and lower cheeks. When I smile my face has a football shape appearance.Its even difficult to give a strong smile.The surgery has given me a droopy look to the point that it has created deep lines stemming from the corners of my mouth to the side of my chin. thanks again,Jim

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Is it possible to have fat removed from my face after I had fat transfer ? = pictures necessary to see the problem

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Sometimes patients require revision surgery to address issues after cosmetic surgery.In order to determine what could be done, a physical exam is required. In RealSelf discussion boards, pictures of the problem ( face pics) are necessary to determine what is going on. 

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Post fat transfer concerns

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Jim, thank you for your question.  Without any pictures or knowing how far out from the procedure you are, it is hard to say.  The most important thing to remember after high volume full face fat grafting is that the swelling can take 4-6 weeks to settle down.  after 2-3 weeks you start to look like yourself - that being said, it does take quite some time for things to fully settle (depending on the amount, where it was placed, etc).  Once it has settle down, if there are irregularities or areas of concern, these can be addressed in differing ways. Often, if there is scar tissue from inappropriate, superficial placement of the fat, then that can be controlled with a low strength steroid injection such as K5 or K10 (kenalog 5mg/ml or 10mg/ml).  If it is mid depth or deep, it can be aided with microliposuction or thermi - in my practice we have had success doing corrective work for patients presenting with your complaint using some form of these techniques.  Buccal fat removal can also be done, depending on what needs to be accentuated, etc.  Long story short, there are a variety of different options available for you, and it is best for you to discuss them with your doc.  Best of luck.

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